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12 October 2010

Breakfast: Cereal (shreddies) and blueberry mix with milk. Had coffee with it.

Lunch; A soup with celery, tomatoes, corriander, thyme and various vegetables served with chicken pan fried in lemon thyme and garlic.

Dinner: Salad, with olive oil and lemon dressing. Salad consisted of tomatoes, cheese, homemade crutons, watercress and rocket. I drank apple juice.

Spend most of the day drinking either water or milk.



Breakfast: Agnother gChoco Rocks gbar, mug of NGB.

Lunch: Agnother gbrunch gbar, mug of NGB.

Bottle of biere speciale. I was talking house hunting with the parents.

Dinner: Six Tesco FinestTM pork and apple sausages and ready mash, six homemade yorkshire puddings, individual Christmas pudding, can of coke.

07, October 2010

Breakfast: Shreddies (plain) with blueberries and strawberries (fruit). With coffe.

Lunch: Mince meat in carrots, mash potatoes and green beans with broccolli.

Dinner: Salad consisting of watercress, pea shoots, rocket, mackeral, tomatoes, dressed with 3:1 olive oil and fresh lemon juice.

Snack: Banana, apple. Plenty of water.


Oct. 6th, 2010

Yesterday's 24hrs.

Breakfast: Alpen with milk and extra sultanas, juice, coffee (Aeropress).

Mid-morning: Cuppa tea, mini-bag of Malteasers.

Lunch: Cheese and ham sandwich on wholemeal. Should have had more.

Mid-afternoon: Coffee (Aeropress), bag of beef-flavour Hula Hoops (everyone needs a vice).

Dinner: Chicken and leek hotpot and a slice of brown bread (only half-eaten). Rosehip, cinnamon and nutmeg tea.

In short, I didn't eat enough of the right things, although I probably just scraped by on my five-a-day.


At risk of looking samey...

Breakfast: Choco Rocks bar and mug of Gold Blend, again.

Lunch: Brunch bar and mug of Gold Blend, again.

Dinner: Tesco's italian meats pizza (actually tasted marginally more like a pizza than similar fare from other supermarkets) with their garlic and cheese baguette, can of Coke.

It occurs to me that I only really eat at the weekend. Does that make me a yuppie for it being the case, or a food snob for thinking it?


Breakfast: Coco Pops Choco Rocks cereal bar, mug of Nescafe Gold Blend instant coffee.

Lunch: Cadbury raisin brunch bar, mug of Nescafe Gold Blend instant coffee.

Glass of Red Devil apple juice.

Dinner: Half a Tesco family size steak and kidney pie with more of their ready mash, six homemade yorkshire puddings and duck stock gravy, small bottle of Sainsbury laughger.

I get the feeling that posting the same two things every day is going to get old quickly...


Breakfast: Bowl of bran flakes with demerera sugar, pint of lapsang souchong.

Lunch: Yeahright.

Dinner: Two Tesco chicken kievs with some more of their ready mash, can of coke.


Breakfast: Managed to forget. Bad Emma.

Lunch: Bowl of home made potato and leek soup w/ cheddar garnish.

Dinner: Boeuf Bourginon with creamed potatoes, steamed broccoli and russian kale, and sauteed celery.

Snacking: None specifically, but I did steal mouthfuls of the boeuf throughout the day, under the banner of 'tasting'.

Hrm, I think I need more fruit...

Day 3

Breakfast: Cereal and blueberries with coffee.

Dinner: Beef, yorshire pudding, potatos and greens with tea.

Snacks inbetween: banana, strawberries and muller rice.

Drinks: orange juice and water; about 3~4 litres.