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24 Hours In Your Food!
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24 Hours of Your Food
Welcome to 24hourfood!

The game is to post photos/descriptions of everything in a 24 hour period. No cheating, no leaving things out, everything in, including that last grotty Weetabix you had for breakfast.

- Any overly large photos under a cut, please.
- Recipes under a cut please.
- Any slurs of a racial, sexist, homophobic, transphobic or discriminatory nature are against the rules. First offense gets you warned, second is banned, no exceptions.
- No deleting comments ever. You wrote it, own it.
- Please don't delete posts without mod approval, if neccessary and you've messed up, change it to a general post asking for recipes while you wait.

Please note: It's really easy to comment on the fat content of someone else's meal. It's also a really bad idea. Don't do it - I'm not making it explicitly against the rules, but I reserve the right to kick anyone off if they start trying to police someone else in a way that takes the mick.